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Electrical Remodeling

When undergoing a remodeling project, there is a chance you could run into electrical problems, which are inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. When doing electrical remodeling, it’s essential to have the help of a certified electrician. C&S Electric is trained to handle whatever you need for electrical service upgrades and remodeling. We will complete your necessary lighting installations and wiring and ensure everything is fitted correctly in your setup. We only use the highest quality products to ensure that your home looks fantastic and runs efficiently without costing you a fortune.


We want your home to be in excellent condition from the start, so we take the time to ensure that everything is installed correctly and looks precisely the way you want. We can also take care of any problems you encounter while doing electrical work and perform any necessary electrical repair services, making the remodeling process go smoothly. With quality workmanship from a professional electrical company, you can feel confident that the electricity in your home will be ready to go. Whether you’re constructing a new home or renovating your lighting, we will get the job done right. Contact us today for residential electrical services in the Temple, GA area.

Electrical Inspectors
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