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HVAC Repair

At C&S Electric, our goal is to keep your HVAC systems in complete working order regardless of the season or time of year. If you are experiencing problems with your HVAC systems or they’ve broken down on you, call us for fast, dedicated, and reliable HVAC repair. We can diagnose your system and find out what’s wrong. After discovering the root of the problem, we will make the necessary repairs and changes to ensure that your system can get back to running smoothly. We offer our HVAC and electrical services to residential and commercial properties, and we’ll keep you, your family, or your business cool when it counts. If your heating or cooling system is malfunctioning, we will come and take a look at the problem and provide the fix that you need quickly and efficiently.


Our trained technician is certified for HVAC installation and repair for residential and light commercial units 5 tons and under. It’s always a good idea to check and change your air filters every 90-180 days to keep your airflow properly working. We can check this out for you, and if you need a repair or replacement, you can trust us to get it done in no time. Our experienced company can care for all your residential electrical and HVAC needs. We’re always happy to offer a friendly and reliable helping hand when your HVAC systems go out on you. Contact us today for electrical maintenance and minor HVAC repairs in the Temple, GA area.

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